Finally after 10 years of selling machines to nerdish electronics guys I decided to take a trip where more or less everything is open. December 1st I will walk to the next bus stop and drift north. Somehow the plan is to head via Scandinavia into Russia and take the trans siberian railways.

As there is not really a plan for anything at this point hower, I will just see if ther is the odd story teller that facinates me or if I fall in love, I will just get off the next stop and see where it goes.

So on this note the trip is only to experience stories, meet weird people without an electronics background and see what happens. Everybody with an idea when you read the blog feel free to contact me with ideas of people I should see or meet.

And it is really about people only. I am not a good tourist. Castles and churches are not why I travel and I promise not to post stories about my food or selfies from a stick.

Whomever wants to join me on a leg here or there, drop me a line.

The plan is at the moment to stay with friends or family, do couchsurfing and hostels. Here also cool places are wellcome.